Zirconium is the fastest son of the champion French stallion Ready Cash to stand at stud in Australia, trotting the mile in 1.54.2

Zirconium will arrive in Victoria and will stand at the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital for the service fee of $2200 inc gst

By Ready Cash out of the Andover Hall mare Ok America , Zirconium looks an ideal choice for the many Muscles Yankee line broodmares in Australia .

Ok America was an excellent race mare banking $353,760 and is a half sister to champion mare Lisa America .  Lisa America won just under $2 million euro and was crowned European Grand Circuit Champion.

Zirconium was very versatile he had excellent gait speed , could work hard during the run as well as sit and sprint . He won over all distances and ran 1.56.5 in winning over 2000m

Zirconium was purchased by Knutsson Trotting after winning 4 straight races and was transferred to champion trainer Ake Swanstedt in America to contest the open class trotting features but unfortunately sustained an injury and was retired to stud.


Zirconium $2200 inc gst payable on 42 days

As 4yo 3rd GP Regione Campania (Gr.2)
By READY CASH tr,1:53.1 ($6,936,678) by Indy De Vive. Sire of 1460 European
foals, 1019 starters, 628 winners, 240 $100,000 earners. Total progeny
earnings of $108,617,229 including BOLD EAGLE tr,1:50.0 ($7,655,514),
FACE TIME BOURBON tr,1:51.2 ($5,069,047), READLY EXPRESS tr,1:50.9
($3,776,868), BIRD PARKER tr,1:51.8 ($3,097,608), TRADERS tr,1:52.8
($2,234,041) , DJANGO RIFF tr,1:54.2 ($2,177,639), BRILLANTISSIME
tr,1:53.6 ($2,229,464)
In Australasia sire of 22 foals, 11 winners, 8 in 2:00, 2 $100,000 earners
including ALWAYS READY tr,1:56.0 ($293,550), ALL CASHED UP tr,1:58.7
OK AMERICA tr,2,2,01.2; 3,1:59.2; 1:57.8 -$353,760 by Andover Hall. As 3yo
won GP Citta Di Napoli (Gr.3); 2nd GP Oaks Del Trotto (Gr.1), GP Carlo Marangoni (Gr.2), Campionato Femminile (Gr.3) Dam of 4 foals, 3 winners;
ZIRCONIUM tr,2,1:59.2; 3,1:57.0; 1:54.2 -$108,569 (Ready Cash) – See above
ARIZONA DREAM tr,2,2:04.9; 3,2:01.2; 1:58.9 -$76,957 (Love You)
BLUEWAVE (M) tr,3,2:00.0 -$14,027 (Ready Cash)
ZAGABRIA DEI tr,1:58.1 -$687,315 by Victory Dream. As 2yo won GP Allevatori (Gr.2) As 3yo won GP Orsi Mangelli (Gr.2), Gran Premio Marche (Gr.2), GP
Citta Di Napoli (Gr.3), GP Societa di Terme (Gr.3) Dam of 13 foals, 13 winners
LISA AMERICA (M) tr,1:52.8 -$1,875,533. As 2yo won GP Allevatori (Gr.2). As
3yo won GP Carlo Maragoni (Gr.2), GP Citta Di Napoli (Gr.3), Campionato
Femminile (Gr.3), GP Societa di Terme (Gr.3). As 4yo won GP d’Europa (Gr.2),
Prix de Milan (Gr.2). As aged won Oslo Grand Prix (Gr.1), Aby Stora Pris (Gr.1),
Gulddivisionen (Gr.1), Gala Internazionale Del Trotto (Gr.1) - European Grand
Circuit Champion (Varenne) Dam of KENNEDY tr,1:54.6 ($359,088), UPPER
FACE tr,1:53.6 ($197,713), BARACK FACE tr,3,1:58.9 ($12,925 -2022 3yo)
RADYSIN AMERICA (M) tr,1:54.6 -$256,889 -As aged won Queen L Lopp
(Gr.3) (Donato Hanover) Dam of AINT MISBEHAVIN (M) tr,1:56.7 ($48,829)
GUIDA AMERICA tr,1:55.5 -$237,271 (Balanced Image)
UNISON KRONOS (M) tr,1:53.3 -$201,206 (Donato Hanover)
TOP GUN AMERICA tr,1:56.0 -$178,169 (Donato Hanover)
ITALY AMERICA tr,1:57.9 -$109,933 (Uronometro)
MARK AMERICA tr,1:59.2 -$74,567 (Varenne)
Producers: Fuschini American tr,2:00.2 (dam of ORO FKS tr,1:56.0 -$258,234,
TEDO FKS tr,1:55.5 -$173,648, URAGANO FKS tr,1:58.4, PENELOPE FKS (M)
AGE Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
2 6 2 0 1 $18,818
3 11 3 4 1 $37,723
4 10 2 1 3 $34,508
5 6 2 0 0 $11,097
6 4 4 0 0 $16,699
37 13 5 5 $118,845
tr,2:00.0; grand-dam of ZECCHINODORO FKS tr,1:54.1 -$153,193),
Princess America tr,2:01.0 (dam of CALYPSO DI POGGIO (M) tr,1:56.3
DONNINA tr,2,2:01.4; 3,1:59.0 -$69,807 by Super Bowl. As 3yo won Hudson
Filly Trot. Dam of 14 foals, 8 winners incl;
CHIRONE DEI tr,1:55.7 -$486,319. As 2yo won ITA Criterium Vinovo (Gr.3) As
4yo won GP Citta di Follonica (Gr.3) (Lemon Dra)
BRIGLIADORO DEI tr,2:00.7 -$101,790 (Ships Watch)
GERIONE DEI tr,1:58.1 -$83,435 (Lemon Dra)
Producers: Luna Degli Dei tr,2:01.2 (dam of BERENICE BI (M) tr,1:57.1
-$178,218 -As 3yo won GP Gaetano Stabile (L), UNUK BI tr,1:57.9 -$83,552),
Athena Dei (dam of IL PRIMO BI tr,1:57.3 -$117,512, MARAJA BI tr,1:58.6
LA DOLCE VITA tr,3,1:59.2TT -$33,514 by Speedy Somolli. Dam of 10 foals, 7
raced, 6 winners incl;
I LOVE LIVIA (M) tr,3,1:58.6 -$80,993 (Super Bowl) grand-dam of GOTTA
SECRET tr,2,1:58.2; 3,1:55.0 ($265,195), MACHO MASS tr,3,1:57.0; 1:54.8
($89,851), DIVORCE COURT tr,3,1:59.4; 1:58.0 ($69,113)
Produer: Tuscany Dream (dam of CARMAN M (M) tr,2,2:01.6; 3,1:58.6
-$129,958, grand-dam of BABELICIOUS (M) tr,3,1:58.6, BELLA NOTTE (M)
HEIDI RODNEY Lightly raced by Duke Rodney. Dam of 13 foals, 13 raced,
11 winners incl;
JOIE DE VIE tr,2,1:59.6; 3,1:56.6 -$1,017,251 As 3yo won Canadian Trotting
Classic, Yonkers Trot, Stanley Dancer Stake, Dexter Cup, Hanover Stake, ht
Hambletonian - USTA 3yo C&G Trotter of the Year (Super Bowl)
DAVIDS LUCKY DAY tr,2,2:04.2; 3,2:01.2; 1:58.8 -$130,668 (Ayres)
DEM BONES (M) tr,2,2:02.6; 3,1:58.0 -$113,124. As 3yo won World Trotting Derby, Zweig Memorial, Horseman Futurity (Bonefish) dam of DEM
SPEEDY BONES tr,3,1:57.4 ($94,261), CORLEONE tr,2,2:02.6; 1:57.8 ($63,670);
grand-dam of PACIFIC GOLD tr,3,1:59.6; 1:57.0 ($146,713), PACIFIC JEWEL
(M) tr,3,2:00.6; 1:59.4; great-grand-dam of LUKAS ROSSI tr,2,1:59.6; 3,1:57.2;
1:56.2 ($229,883)
SWISS CONNECTION tr,3,2:00.8; 1:57.6 -$78,341 (Bonefish)
MISSY MOUSE (M) tr,2,2:05.4; 2:04.5 -$71,697 (Ayres) Third dam of CAVERN
CLUB (M) tr,2:00.0 ($159,927)
HY DILLY (M) tr,3,1:59.0 -$54,880. As 3yo won Matron Stake (Ayres)
HIDE AND SEEK (M) tr,2,2:01.4 -$22,761 (Ayres)
CAME TO PASS tr,1:59.0 -$14,784 (Speedy Crown)
Producers: Cry Happy (dam of ZAPPHAPPY KASH tr,3,2:00.2; 1:57.2
-$134,403, RAPPHAPPY KASH tr,2,2:03.4; 3,1:57.8 -$123,934; grand-dam of
KASH BRIGHT (M) tr,2,2:05.4; 3,1:58.2; 1:57.4 -$174,543, CRYING PHOTO (M)
tr,3,1:58.2; 1:56.6 -$94,675; great-grand-dam of PEMBROKE PICTURE (M)
tr,2,2:05.8; 3,2:02.6; 1:59.4 -$195,634, JUST A LITTLE DEVIL (M) tr,2,2:09.6;
3,1:57.0 -$138,316; 4th Dam of CHERRY CROWN JEWEL (M) tr,3,1:57.2;
1:56.4 -$228,090, PITTSTOP EMERALD (M) tr,2,1:57.0; 3,1:56.0 -$134,549),
Love And Xxxxx (dam of BULLVILLE SUE tr,3,2:00.4; 1:56.8 -$390,131; granddam of PRIDE OF BULLVILLE tr,3,2:02.4; 1:57.4 -$203,187)
Zirconium will stand his first season in 2022