Centurion Atm

Centrurion Atm TBA inc gst payable on live foal

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Bay Horse 15.3 HH . Foaled April 2012

Centurion Atm was destined to be a top class horse. From a successful family that now boast 3 brothers at stud , Centurion Atm was a $200,000 USD yearling purchase. Centurion Atm was a dominant 2yo taking out the elimination and final of the Peter Haughton Memorial . His time of 1.53.2 was a world record . Centurion Atm is the fastest 2yo to ever stand at primo side effects stud in the Southern Hemisphere. Centurion Atm should leave early running types which is ideal for our rich juvenile classic races.

Centurion Atm $3500 inc gst pay on live foal

Bay Foaled 2012 Height 15.3

T2,1:53.2m $731,374

Age Starts Wins Seconds Thirds Earnings Fastest
2 8 3 3 1 $241,640 1:53.2
3 9 1 1 1 $198,302 1:53.3
4 18 2 4 0 $175,247 1:54.3
5 21 3 5 2 $116,185 1:54.2
Total 56 9 13 4 $731,374 1:54.0

CENTURION ATM (h, SJ’s Caviar) t2,1:53.2 -’14 World Record $731,374. 9 wins.
At 2, wnr of John Simpson Memorial div, Peter Haughton Memorial elim and the
final; 2nd in Bluegrass Series div, PA All Stars S. div, PASS div; 3rd in Int’l Stallion
S. div. At 3, wnr of Colonial EC cons; 2nd in Stanley Dancer Memorial; 3rd in
Earl Beal Jr Memorial div. At 4, 2nd in Dayton Trotting Derby, Graduate S. final.
SJ’s Caviar t3,1:53.4 $1,288,466. Sire of: 475 winners in North America from 11
foal crops of racing age (979 live foals). Progeny earnings of $49m, 203 in 1:57,
90 in 1:55, 141 $100k wnrs, 15 $500k wnrs & 2 millionaires. (as at May 2019).
1st Dam:
ENS TAG SESSION (Tagliabue) t2, 1:57.1f, 3, 1:56.1f -’02 $103,282. 4 wins. At 2,
wnr of Arden Downs S. div, two PASS div ‘s; 2nd in PA All Stars; 3rd in Breeders
Crown elim, Keystone Classic S. div, PASS div. At 4, 3rd in Lifetime Dream Trotting
Series. From 13 foals, dam of 8 winners(4 in 1:54, 6 in 1:56, 7 in 2:00) incl…
TRIUMPHANT CAVIAR (h, SJ’s Caviar) t2,1:59.1f, t3,1:54.2h, t4,1:51.4s -’10
$811,547. 16 wins. At 2, wnr of PASS div; 2nd in Bridger Trotting Series leg;
3rd Int’l Stallion S. div, Valley Victory S. elim. At 3, wnr of Currier & Ives S.
elim, Keystone Classic S. div, Old Oaken Bucket div, PASS div; 2nd in Breeders
Crown final, Currier & Ives S final, Hambletonian elim. As aged, 2nd in Earl
Rowe Memorial.
PRAYER SESSION (g, Like A Prayer) t2,1:55.4, t3,1:53.2 -’12 $777,990. 39
wins. At 2, wnr of KY Fair S. div, KYSS final; 2nd in KYSS leg. At 3, wnr of Circle
City S. div, Connors Memorial elim and the final, KYSS div, Old Oaken Bucket div;
2nd in Goodtimes Trot div, Hanover S. div, KY Fair S. div, KYSS leg and the final.
CENTURION ATM (h, SJ’s Caviar) t2,1:53.2 -’14 $731,374. 9 wins. As above.
THEATRICAL SESSION (h, Broadway Hall) t3,1:55.3f -’13 $191,806. 10 wins. At
2, 2nd in Bridger Trotting Series leg and the final, PASS div; 3rd in Standardbred
S. div. At 3, wnr of Scioto River Series leg and 2nd in the final.
TACTICAL CAVIAR (m, SJ’s Caviar) t2,1:59.4f, t,1:53.3s -’12 $88,095. 5 wins.
At 2, wnr of Reynolds Memorial div; 2nd in PA Stallion Series div. At 3, 2nd in
PA Stallion Series div. Dam of:
ANTONIA t2,1:56.4f, t3,1:54.3f -’19 $75,312.
MAN ON FIRE (g, SJ’s Caviar) t3,1:55.3f -’07 $37,525. 7 wins. At 3, wnr of
two MD Std. Race Fund div’s.
LOVE SESSION (f, Muscle Massive) t2,1:59.4f -’18 $28,643. 2 wins2nd Dam:
REGRESSION (Town Escort) t2,2:06.1h, t3,2:02.3f $93,370. 9 wins. From 16
foals, dam of 12 winners (3 in 1:56, 8 in 1:58, 11 in 2:00) incl…
ENS GLIDING CONDOR (g, Yankee Glide) t3,1:56, t,1:54.3f -’12 $191,624. 31
wins. At 3, winner of Charles Singer Memorial leg.
ENS CURIOUS (m, SJ’s Caviar) t3,1:59.2f, t,1:55 -’09 $157,502. 16 wins.
Dam of:
Progression t2,1:57.2s -’14 $61,994. Exported to Sweden.
Body Slam t3,1:58.4f -’17 $60,675.
WIN B (Tagliabue) t3,1:55.4f -’04 $134,662. 8 wins. At 2, winner of MD Std.
Race Fund div, PA All Stars div, PASS div; second nd in Arden Downs S. div,
PASS div. At 3, wnr of Currier & Ives S. elim, Open at Pocono Downs, PASS div,
Reynolds Memorial div; 2nd in Arden Downs S. div, PASS div. Dam of:
SOUTHWIND WARSAW t2,1:57.3s, t3,1:55.4s, t1:53.1f -’15 $404,482.
SORTIE t2,1:55, t3,Q1:52.3 -’17 $296,458.
Southwind Wrangler t2,1:57.3s, t,1:57.2f -’12 $60,196.
ENS TALISMAN (h, Go Get Lost) t2,2:04.3f, t3,1:58f -’95 $128,732. 15 wins.
At 2, winner of MD Std. Race Fund div; 2nd in MD Std. Race Fund div. At 3,
2nd in two MD Std. Race Fund div’s.ENS TAG SESSION (m, Tagliabue) t3,1:56.1f -’02 $103,282. 4 wins. As above.
Ens Brazen Victory (m, Giant Victory) t3,2:00.2f, t4,2:00f -’98 $53,235. 20 wins.
ENS EDS VICTORY (g, Go Get Lost) t2,1:59.3f -’00 $38,366. 15 wins. At 2,
winner of MDSS div; 2nd in MDSS div.
Ens Protege (g, T V Yankee) t3,2:03.2f, t4,2:00.4f -’95 $35,286. 4 wins.
STONEWALLS BACK (h, SJ’s Caviar) t2,1:58f -’06 $29,734. 7 wins. At 3, second
in MD Std. Race Fund div.
Ens Brittania (m, Go Get Lost) t2,Q2:04.2f, t3,2:01.2f, t4,1:57.3f -’97 $27,076.
10 wins. At 2, winner of Landmark S. div, two MDSS div’s; second in MD Std.
Race Fund div. Dam of:
ENS SNAPSHOT t2,2:02.1f, t3,1:54.4f, t,1:54s -’05 $520,337. Exported
to Denmark.
ENS CRESCENDO t2,Q2:04.1, t3,1:57.3f -’04 $206,017. Exported to Norway.
ENS SOARING RAPTOR t3,1:58.4h, t4,1:56.4f -’06 $50,459. Exported to
Ens Centurion (h, Go Get Lost) t2,2:05h, t3,1:57.4f -’00 $25,889. 2 wins. At
2, winner of MD Std. Race Fund div at Ocean Downs; second in two MDSS
div’s and the final.
Ens Progression (m, Go Get Lost). Dam of:
GRACE N CHARLIE t2,1:59.3f, t,1:55.4f -’13 $225,830.
CHARLIE O CHARLIE t3,1:57.1f -’06 $185,403.
PRETTY POMPANO t3,2:00.2f, t,1:56.1f -’10 $132,096.
Caviars Promise t3,2:00.2f, t4,1:58.1h-’10 $64,875.
Progressive Caviar $50. Dam of:
PEOPLESAYIMNOGOOD t4,1:56.3f -’16 $143,244.
Passed Dat Point t3,1:57.4f -’14 $82,013.
3rd Dam:
Winsomuch (Floris) t3,1:57.3. From 12 foals, dam of 9 winners, incl…
Regression (m, Town Escort) t2,2:06.1h, t3,2:02.3f $93,370. 9 wins. As above.
Ens Hercules (h, Photo Maker) t2,2:03.2f, t3,1:58.2f, t,1:58.1f -’02 $74,415.
10 wins. At 2, winner of MDSS div at Rosecroft; 3rd in MD Std. Race Fund
div. At 3, winner of MDSS div (twice) at Rosecroft; second in MDSS div; third
in MD Std. Race Fund div at Rosecroft. As aged, winner of DE Std Breeders
Fund div at Dover Downs.
Ens Boston Flo (m, Bostonian) t2,2:01f -’00 $70,454. 4 wins. At 2, winner of
Keystone Classic S. div, MD Std. Race Fund div, Reynolds Memorial div; second
in PASS div and cons; 3rd in PASS div.
Ens Megans Lion (g, Bostonian) t2,2:05f, t,1:57f -’00 $51,310. 6 wins. At 2,
winner of MD Std. Race Fund div.
Ens Termnator Nick (h, Bonebreaker) t2,2:04f, t3,2:00.1f -’99 $47,627. 5 wins.
At 2, winner of MD Std. Race Fund div; 2nd in MD Std. Race Fund div. At 3,
winner of two MDSS div’s; second in two MDSS finals.
My Last Duchess (m, Brilliant Yankee) t3,Q2:04.1f, t,2:04.1h -’95 $29,349.
5 wins. Dam of:
My Jerichos King t3,2:00.1h, t4,1:57.2h -’03 $77,505.
Jericho Duchcookie t2,2:06h, t3,2:04.4h, t4,2:01.4h -’05 $49,391.
Castahna (m, Nearly Perfect) t2,2:04.2f -’93 $25,873. 1 win. At 2, winner
of PASS div. Dam of:
Samantha Rachel t3,2:04.3s, t,2:00.4 -’05 $78,184.
Ens Roman Riviera (m, Brilliant Yankee) t3,2:04.2f -’95 $3,889. 1 win.
At 3, 3rd in MDSS div. Dam of:
ENS GLADIATOR t2,1:59.1f, t3,1:57f -’00 $191,560.
AG PRINCESS t2,2:02f, t4,1:58.2f -’04 $100,374.
CENTURION ATM is available in NZ for the first time in 2019/20. His oldest
European progeny are foals (8) in 2019.

Centurion Atm – A Breeding Guideline.

A quick glimpse of Centurion ATM’s rich bloodlines shows that he is well equipped genetically to click with a wide range of broodmares from our Southern Hemisphere genepool.

Undoubtedly his single biggest attraction is that he descends from the same maternal family which gave us the legendary Sundon.

Sundon featured broodmare gem Ami Song as his great grand-dam ( i.e. 3rd dam ) via her daughter Princess Diller.
Ami Song is Centurion ATM’s 6th dam via another daughter in Sonata ( a half-sister to Princess Diller ).

Breeding a Sundon mare or even a mare holding the presence of Sundon elsewhere in her pedigree allows a rare linebreeding opportunity to Ami Song that returns this same blood from your mare to Centurion ATM’s direct maternal ( or bottom line ) bloodlines.
This is a long practised historically recognised and highly proven breeding formula targeting speed enhancement in your resultant foal.

Centurion ATM through his Ami Song direct maternal presence also becomes a prime consideration for any breeder possessing a mare by Sierra Kosmos ( or a mare holding his presence ) as his grandsire is none other than Songcan who just so happens to be a rare son of Ami Song. The value here is that a male sex-balancing line of Ami Song should work wonders in association with Centurion ATM’s quality female line of Ami Song via Sonata ( a half-sister to Songcan ).

Just as Centurion ATM’s bottom line has a strong linkage to Sundon so too does his top line where his grandsire is none other than SJ’s Photo.
It has been very well documented that the blood of Sundon has always displayed a distinct liking for the blood of SJ’s Photo.

This provides another strong reason for breeding a mare with a Sundon presence to Centurion ATM as Centurion ATM is a son of SJ’s Caviar ( new blood to Australasia ) himself a son of SJ’s Photo.

Another linebreeding opportunity also occurs here to SJ’s Photo for any breeders possessing mares by sons of SJ’s Photo including the likes of Pegasus Spur and Bacardi Lindy who are two that readily spring to mind.

We also see Centurion ATM’s bloodlines as set to strike accord with any mare possessing Valley Victory bloodlines somewhere in her pedigree.
Our reason for this is relatively simplistic. And it relates to the power of the female, especially superior females.

Valley Victory’s dam Valley Victoria is by Bonefish, himself a son of top producer Exciting Speed and she is out of Victorious Lou who herself is out of another top producer in Lou Sidney.

So where does Centurion ATM enter the fray for a mare with Valley Victory in her pedigree?
Centurion ATM offers the sex-balancing lines to both Exciting Speed and Lou Sidney that Valley Victory seeks for maximisation of his brilliant speed traits.

These come via Beat The Clock ( grand-dam of Centurion ATM’s damsire Tagliabue ), a half-sister to Bonefish, and Formal Notice ( found in SJ’s Photo’s maternal bloodlines, a half-brother to Victorious Lou.

Broodmare sires carrying the presence of Valley Victory include Bacardi Lindy, Imperial Count, Monkey Bones, Muscle Hill, Muscle Mass, Monarchy, Skyvalley, The Pres, Lindy Lane, Donerail, Dr Ronerail, Muscles Yankee, Self Possessed, Simon Roydon, Great Success, Holdonmyheart, Continentalman, Dream Vacation, Dejarmbro and Wesgate Victory et al whilst further down the track mares by Alderbaran Eagle, Creatine, Father Patrick, Master Glide, Royal Aspirations, Royalty For Life, Southwind Frank, Trixton, What The Hill and Wishing Stone will also come into play.

Those breeders with a mare by Wall Street Banker or one featuring his presence should also look seriously at Centurion ATM as a quality breeding option through the resultant sex-balanced Lou Sidney double-up that occurs.

Like his close relation Sundon, one of the great strengths of Centurion ATM’s bloodlines pertains to his female duplications.

We have already made reference to the Lou Sidney opportunity that he offers to mares possessing Valley Victory bloodlines through Lou Sidney’s son Formal Notice as well as his Exciting Speed duplication through her son and daughter pair, the full-brother and sister Bonefish and Beat The Clock.
But there are some others.

For example, Centurion ATM also carries a 5×5 Rasmussen Factor ( breeding back to superior females within the first 5 generations ) to another broodmare gem in Yankee Duchess through her son and daughter, the full-brother and sister Yankee Bambino and Yankee Bambi.

This is especially good news for breeders with mares by Windsong’s Legacy or his son Lucky Chucky who feature a third full sibling in Yankee Scottie, a sister to Yankee Bambi and Yankee Bambino.
Centurion ATM’s grand-dam Regression is by Town Escort who features in his maternal line Selka Song, a daughter of another established mare in Selka Scot.

Selka Scot is also found on both sides of Centurion ATM’s pedigree through Scotch Love ( dam of Speedy Scot ), a full-sister to Selka Song so it is not hard to fathom out that mares with Speedy Scot presences are going to offer excellent bloodline compatibility with Centurion ATM as are mares with strong Speedster presences also coming via Town Escort who is by Speedy Rodney, a full-brother to Speedster, both being by Rodney and out of Mimi Hanover.

Another set of brothers present in the bloodlines of Centurion ATM are Peter Song and Victory Song ( both by Volomite and out of Evensong ) but even there linebreeding opportunities do not end as he holds single sex lines to the likes of prominent females such as Lovester ( dam of Kawartha Mon Ami ), Missile Toe ( dam of Speedy Crown ), Dillcisco ( found in Star’s Pride ) and Carolyn ( found behind Florican ) amongst others.

One final key question arises. How is Centurion ATM likely to fare over trotting broodmares carrying a largely outcrossed European pedigree?
This question can be answered in reverse. European trotting breeders cannot get enough frozen semen from leading North American studs standing top trotting stallions, the likes of Muscle Hill etc. Why is this? Simple answer is because outcross breeding is producing the type of horse they now require.

The North American bloodlines are injecting speed and also advancing precociousness in the European trotter.
And it is speed and precociousness that are the very key attributes of Centurion ATM.

Breeders with a mare by Love You should take a close look at Centurion ATM not only for the reasons given above but also because Love You as a sire has already displayed a distinct affinity with the blood of Sundon and as we have previously identified Centurion ATM shares this same blood being a member of Sundon’s direct maternal family.

Centurion Atm’s oldest progeny are yearlings in Australia in 2021